This delicious and super easy to make smoothie is a little different from the usual smoothie, first it has no bananas in it and second it has raw egg yolks, which may sound a bit weird, but trust me, it tastes so good. It also has a protein base which is the key to long slow energy release and level moods.  The protein base also has gut healing properties and the collagen helps with skin elasticity and general all round glow.

Its a high fat, nutrient dense smoothie with low sugar and low carb. Which makes it a massively energy boosting glass of super goodness. It will help with feelings of satiety and satisfaction, it will lesson cravings, and help with brain fog and all around general feelings of low moods and anxiety.

It would be perfect for new mums or mums with kids of any age who are time poor and in desperate need of deep nourishment.

I first came across a version of this recipe whilst listening to the Wise Traditions Podcast series. One of the people being interviewed on there was a lady caked Dr Kelly Brogan MD, who has written a book called “A mind of your own”.

Within this book she describes how things like anxiety and depression are not a disease but merely a symptom. She explains quite a bit about this in her episode of the podcast. It caught my attention and I listened right to the end. Within the episode she covers everything from brain fog, to fatigue, to anxiety, depression and other mental health issues.

At the very end of each episode of the podcast the host always asks whoever she is interviewing, “if there was one piece of advice you could give to people to help with their health what would it bee?” …. and Dr kelly Brogan replied, this high fat and high protein smoothie…. starting the day with a protein based, high fat smoothie she said was key to maintaining even sugar levels, even moods and helping to ease some of the symptoms you may be experiencing such as brain fog, fatigue etc etc…. The original recipe is on her site along with so much other free info. She is a seriously amazing woman….

I loved the sound of her smoothie so much, however some of the fruit she used wasn’t is season where I was and I was keen to try the smoothie the very next day so I made up my own version, which is almost identical but Ive changed the flavour combo.

My smoothie is a mixed berry base with plenty of easy to make extra ingredients. I tend to make my own nut butters and also ghee simply because its so much cheaper. Once you have the items in your pantry it literally takes 3 minutes to whip this up.

Happy smoothie mornings full of energy and life.

white t-tree blossom
This is my high energy super smoothie filled with healthy fats, berries, low sugar fruit and nut butters. its super high energy and delicious.


  •  Half a cup of frozen organic berries
  •  240ml fermented coconut water, coconut water, or filtered water or home made nut milk (no soya) I love to use home made cashew milk or milk kefir
  •  3 tablespoons of collagen hydrolysate as a protein base (I use the Great Lakes Gelatine, collagen hydrolysate)
  •  One tablespoon of almond or cashew nut butter (sprouted if you can)
  •  1 to 2  free range egg yolks (just the yolk, save the whites to add to your scrambled eggs next time you have them)
  •  One tablespoon of virgin raw coconut oil (must be unrefined)
  •  1-2 tablespoons of ghee (home made is best, or at least a good quality, made from organic butter)


Place everything in the blender and blend on high speed for a couple of minutes until everything is fully blended and the mix is smooth and creamy. Enjoy the great start to your day.