After spending years researching gut health (my favourite topic ), I found some amazing people, books and websites that are doing great things in the world of gut health. I have narrowed down my favourites and have included them here for you.

To me the gut is a fascinating topic, and seeing as it’s the centre of our wellness, I think well worth learning about even if you don’t have any illness or allergy.

If I knew some of the things I know now when I was a kid, I would have gone into adulthood with a much better understanding of how to look after my own health and also how to treat my child when he was ill as a small baby and young toddler. A healthy gut is essential to good health and its starts from the moment you are conceived.

If you do have some kind of disease/illness/allergy it is possible that it may be underpinned by a compromised digestive system/ leaky gut. I recommend you take a look at the two website’s below, both of which are amazing and full of answers. They both give clear food guidelines and both have healing intro diets and advice on a range of issues that are all related to the gut.

The first website was set up by an amazing lady by the name of Natasha Cambell-McBride, she has written 2 incredible books. Her first book, Gut and Psychology syndrome” and her second book “Put your heart in your mouth” are game changers.

Her gut healing diet is called “The Gaps Diet” which is an acronym for Gut And Psychology Syndrome.

The first of 2 books by Natasha Campbell-McBride.

This book explains the connection between neurological disorders, nutrition and the gut and how to heal.

The second of Natasha Campbell-McBride’s books.

This book explains the link between nutrition, the gut and heart disease and how to heal and or reverse it.

The second website was set up by two men who suffered from terrible gut health issues and after failing to heal them selves with medication they set about healing themselves with a gut healing food based protocol which worked with amazing results. They have gone on to write a best selling book about it and have helped hundreds of thousands of others take their lives back by healing/managing the gut.

If you would like to learn more about traditional foods,

this is an incredible source of information.

If you would like to learn about the connection between our gut, our diet and how that effects our teeth and over all dental health, check out this book and website by a man called Ramiel Nagel.

This book is a great introduction to gut health. Its informative yet easy to read.

This is a great book that explains the science behind the gut and how it relates to dieting and weight loss.

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