It all started with a Wild Delicious, free-range childhood….

Welcome to the online home of my Wild Delicious Fermentary, Food and Lifestyle website.

My name is Amber Rose and I am a food writer, food stylist and owner of the Wild Delicious

I am currently based in Matakana, on the east coast of New Zealand and for the past 2 years I
have been working in and on my Wild Delicious Fermentary business.

My passion for fermentation started when I went down the rabbit hole of gut health and learning
about the microbiome, after developing a few health issues. What started as a way of supporting
my gut to heal and seal soon snow balled into a fully fledged fermentation obsession.
After a couple of years of tinkering at home with various different kinds of fermentation recipes
and techniques, I decided to set up the Wild Delicious Fermentary as a business.
I started by selling my ferments at the Matakana Farmers markets and then after 18months finally
took the next steps to get all my ferments online and into a few select outlets around New

Previous to this, for over 12 years, up to 2015, I lived in London working as a food writer,
nourishing private chef, food stylist and doula. During this time I worked with people who have
become advocates of healthy living including Gwyneth Paltrow, Kate Hudson, Chris Martin,
Mathew Bellamy, Sadie Frost, the late Alexander McQueen, David Schwimmer, India Waters,
Sharleen Spiteri and Kate Moss.

As a young girl I spent my days in New Zealand eating and cooking from my mother’s organic
garden, picking wild flowers, foraging for wild fruits, mushrooms, berries and other delightful and
delicious seasonal things. I have always loved food and I have also always loved the rituals of
gathering, collecting and preparing food.

Born to parents who were both passionate about food and nutrition, my father a chef and my
mother a knowledgeable home cook and a pioneer of organic horticulture. Her heritage seed
collection is known the world over and she has pioneered sustainable agriculture, permaculture,
beekeeping, soil health and growing nutrient dense food for over 40 years. In 2018 my mother,
Kay Baxter, was awarded a new years eve honour by the Queen for her services to seed saving
and sustainability.

Through this, my own studies and personal experiences I have developed a deep understanding
of the connection between what we eat and glowing health, the science behind healing our bodies, and how to apply this wisdom in everyday life. Sharing this knowledge is one of my life’s passions.

As a child our family pantry was my mother’s year round garden, an open-air larder if you like, and
as a result of this, my cooking style is very intuitive, seasonal and simple, with lots of fresh flowers
and herbs thrown in for good measure.

My live cultured Wild Delicious ferments and recipes are based on the basic idea that food must
nourish and it must be delicious. We need both to heal and nourish ourselves. The food we grow,
gather and cook is what sustains us, and those we love.

Food is medicine.

I am a champion of seasonal eating, good honest home cooking and traditional nutrient dense
organic whole foods. Foods such as, healing probiotic rich fermented foods, restorative bone broth, healthy vitamin rich fats including saturated fats, natural sweeteners and animal foods with a rainbow of fruit and vegetables on which my meals are based.

I hope you enjoy browsing my website and thank you for visiting.

Much love, Amber Rose xx

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